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What is Ozone Hydrotherapy System?

Hydro Ozone Therapy System has been prepared for use in animal sector,based on many years of experience gained in hospitals and clinics dealing with the treatment and rehabilitation of many serious human diseases

Ozone Horse - is used for treatment, rehabilitation and biological regeneration of: tendons, muscles, ligaments

Ozone Horse - it is used:

  • during the treatment of tendinitis, muscles, ligaments, joint capsules, joints
  • for rehabilitation after an injury
  • to maintain a high form of your horses during competitions
  • for wellness after hard work, transport

How does ozone works?

  • oxygenates the bloodstream - > very positive effect on tissue regeneration - > reconstruction of damaged cells
  • in diseases of the movement apparatus - > hydro-ozone massage reduces muscle tension. The pressure on the joints decreases, the blood circulation is improved, and the healing and regeneration processes begin
  • significantly reduces swelling
  • fights inflammation
  • accelerates the excretion of lactic acid from muscle tissue and delivers oxygen to them
  • has antibacterial properties

How does hydro massage works?

  • allows full reactivation of the blood-circulation
  • lowers the temperature and refreshes tired legs



  • The use of ozone does not work invasively, but gently and gradually, and what is most important, it helps to combat small and larger problems with which we struggle every day to care for our horse's limbs
  • Application time up to 25 min, with an indication for daily use during the season
  • Your horse very willingly returns to a pleasant, healthy and natural hydromassage
  • Rubber boots - used in the Ozone Horse system are very well accepted by horses and safe to use
  • The speed and ease of use of rubber boots - makes them an ideal, natural way to refresh the legs of a horse after competitions


The Ozone Horse set contains:

  • ozone generator giving the ozone-air mixture
  • remote control
  • 2 OzoneHorse boots with a set of tubes delivering ozone
  • harness for a horse for boots stabilization
  • practical suitcase

Technical data :

  • Consumption of 600 watts / h
  • 230 V power supply
  • Ozone in the air <0.05 ppm CE
  • warranty 2 years

All About O3

Ozone is a three-atom oxygen molecule.

It is a colorless, non-flammable gas with a density greater than air. Currently, thanks to its many properties, it is used in medicine while supporting the treatment of many diseases.

The method in which the oxy-ozone mixture is used is called ozone therapy.

How is it formed?

Due to the fact that ozone turns back into oxygen in a relatively short time, it can not be stored and supplied in any tank or cylinder.

Instead, ozone can be produced on site by an ozone generator. There are two ways to artificially produce ozone (both use the principle on which ozone is formed in nature) :

  1. using ultraviolet rays (UV light)
  2. using corona discharges

Both of these methods, by adding energy to oxygen molecules, they split them into individual oxygen atoms (by breaking the atomic bond between the oxygen molecule). These atoms combines with other oxygen molecules (O2) to produce ozone (O3).

Healing ozone

Ozone is widely used in medicine mainly due to its extremely strong bactericidal, viral and fungicidal properties. All kinds of microorganisms do not show resistance to ozone, that is why ozone therapy is so effective in the treatment of, for example, bacterial infections.

15 times faster than oxygen, ozone dissolves in water and blood, which increases the absorption of oxygen and improves the overall oxygenation of all tissues. The action of ozone also contributes to the improvement of the ability of erythrocytes to carry oxygen. Ozone also reduces the level of bad cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood and has anti-inflammatory effects.

This gas effectively increases the body's immunity.The list of the beneficial effects of ozone and ozone therapy on the human and animal body is really long and the same applies to the extremely wide use of this method


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